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Lady MiaouComment

Many of you might not know that while we handpick and source all of our materials from the Garment District in NYC, we are actually based out of Jacksonville, FL.

I know what you're thinking.

But actually, Jacksonville is literally overflowing with creative talent. So much so, that we have an art event every month and an arts market every weekend, just in our little neighborhood. Cat Haus has collaborated with a local fashion design company Red Square One for our Halloween collection and have had so many talented photographers want to photograph our products.

The other amazing thing about our city is the community vibes. We have such incredible local businesses, we could basically shop small the whole year. And this sense of community is how our neighborhood thrives. Local small businesses are where it's at and this Saturday is your chance to support them! They are the heartbeat and soul of our cities and without our fans, we couldn't survive.

With that being said! We could not have been more thrilled with the Small Business Saturday market that we put together for you at Root Down in 5 Points. The amount of love and support all of the shop owners felt was amazing.  We forever thank you.

Anyway, the holidays are coming up, so you might as well get your shopping out of the way. And how cool would it be to tell everyone that their gifts were made basically in their backyard? 

We will see everyone at the next Open Air Market at Root Down on December 18th!  More info to follow.