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We are two best friends who's relationship was built in Orlando. We called it our home for 5 years and made some amazing friends. We did what we wanted, danced every night and made great memories inside the walls of downtown Orlando's dance clubs. It's overwhelming how something this horrible can hit so close to home. We are both a part of the LGBT community and want to give back what we can. What we create is a form of expression. It's that extra piece that makes you stand out and feel the way you want to feel.

To all of our friends who have been affected by this we love you and are here if you need anything. 

That being said, 50% of the entire sale from each product we sell this month is going towards the Pulse Victim's GoFundMe page.

Wear what you want. Kiss who you want. Be what you want. 
And most importantly LOVE WHO YOU WANT.

We adore you.
Founders | Kayleigh & Meredith

If you don't want to buy anything and just want to donate...